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PLGS launches new and improved website. This new website provides Dealers with greater access to tools and more clear product information. Additional updates will be arrive in weeks to come.
PLGS adds new "in stock" containers for water soluble and granular fertilizers. These containers include round and square style tubs (with and without handles). These containers enable wider ability for Dealers to customize Private Label solutions for their business
PLGS adds "new client" for 2012 season that starts off with new 747 Program! Sure-fire winner.
PLGS launches new 747 Program.
7- PL SKU's (all big sellers),
4- locations in store (Shelf POG, off-shelf display, with live goods, check-out),
7- promotional tactics (website, live goods guarantee, flyer, email blast, plant tags/spikes, in-store signage, merchandising strategy). Inquire with your rep or call for details.

Private Label Garden Supply Co. is the leading provider of Private Label products to independent garden retailers across the United States and Canada. As a division of BioTLC, we have been in operation since 2004, and have diverse experience helping customers achieve their sales and customer retention objectives.

With well over 100 Private Label SKU’s and growing, we hold the expertise and relationships to provide you with the high quality products that your customers demand, while eliminating (or significantly reducing) your need to engage in the “low-price war” with Big Box competition.

By eliminating the need to rely on traditional Industry Distributors, we can effectively keep our costs low and our clients margins high!

Our streamlined process takes you from idea to finished product in 6 simple steps. This proven process can materially change your business for the better in a matter of a few short weeks.

BioTLC is a consumer product company that supplies garden products, namely plant foods, to garden centres across Canada and parts of the United States.

After some early experience, the need to better focus on the “core” of the industry, the independent garden centre, became crystal clear. Our experience revealed the “industry dynamics” that shape competition between independent garden centres and the “Big Box” competition. The following immutable facts were revealed:

  • “Big Box” competition is truly the “competition” for independents.
  • Selling “National Brands” at low prices is the key to Big Box succeeding over independents.
  • Regardless of how much better the “perceived service” is, Independents that stock and sell “National Brands” are forced to compete with “Big Box” on price. This erodes margins.
  • Industry Distributors charge high mark-ups which further compound the “price disparity” with Big Box competition.

It became our mission to provide substantial value to independent garden centres by helping them compete and survive! Private Label Garden Supply Co. was born.

Phone: 800.318.0926
Fax: 866.750.2879
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